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Daniel´s next fight is on!

Team MMA Spirit will once again travel westwards in order to support Daniel Weichel in his quarterfinal Bellator bout!

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Samir Al Mansouri

Samir who was born on the 24th of August in 1989 as a brother of five sibblings, has joined our team to do the thaiboxing classes in a steady exchange with K1 legend Faldir Chahbari. Although being young of age one can definitely state that he is one of the most technical Dutch fighters in weight class there is. He was able to showcase his skills on many occasions while winning 33 of his 35 fights thus far- having been crowned Dutch Champion at the -82,5kg division. He could KO 15 of his opponents, which leads to his favorite technique: the left high kick! Mr. Sympatico has only one aim, namely becoming the best in the world and guiding Team MMA Spirit to big success in the world of Muay Thai and K1. This combination suits perfectly and we would like to welcome Samir with a loud “Osu”!

Sporting achievements:

  • Dutch Muay Thai champion WFCA

  • 8-men tournament champion
  • 2 times Mix Fight Gala KO of the night