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MMA Spirit returns to WLMAA in Stuttgart!

Saturday, September 28th will mark the return of Team Spirit into the cage of WLMMA.

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Victor Bomfim

Vitor Bomfim was born in Rio de Janeiro on the 18th of August in 1982 and has been familiar with MMA and Jiut Jitsu for more than ten years. He has received his „faixa preta“ (blackbelt) from non other than the head coach of Gracie Fusion „Gordo“. He has been training many fighters ever since and we can´t wait for him to get things started.

His sporting achievments speak for themselves:

Jiu Jitsu:

  • Pan American Champion 2007&2009
  • Champion of the mundials at „CBJJP“ in 2008
  • Brazilian Team Champion in 2008

Submission Wrestling:

  • Brazilian Champion 2010
  • Brazilian Vice Champion 2009
  • 3rd in the the absolute class of the Rio Open in 2010
  • Champion of the „Copa do Brazil“ 2010
  • Champion of the „American Gold Cup“ 2010

Mixed Martial Arts:

  • „Arena Fighter“ Champion
  • „Top Fighter“ Champion
  • „Gladiator Combat“ Champion