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Willi Fischer

Although it is unnecessary to introduce him especially not in Frankfurt- we will still inform you about the legendary Willi „de Ox“ Fischer.

Willi was born on the 26th of August in 1972 in Frankfurt/Main und is an educated construction mechanic. As his parents owned the restaurant „Maa-Kuh“ close by the „CSC“ boxcamp in Sachsenhausen it wasn´t too odd that Willi started boxing at an early age.

Horst Gauß was his first coach and tought him the basics of boxing as Olaf Rauch started to form his personal style. His first amateur boxing fight was in 1985 and could record 86 fights until 1995.

His professional debute was in 1995 and his fights in Frankfurt´s „Zoo Gesellschaftshaus“ will never be forgotten. He became so famous at that time that he was part of the main fight in the „Ballsporthalle“, whereas both Klitschkos and Valuev were only part of the supporting programme.

His fight against Kim Weber in Cologne is understood to be one of the greatest heavyweight battles on German soil ever.

Willi has never stopped to commit himself to boxing and can´t wait to pass his knowledge on to anyone who is interested in boxing at our „MMA Spirit“.

His personal assets lie in his understanding of individual training improvement and you should not hesitate to book him as your personal coach.

Willi´s successes:

As an amateur

  • European Junior Champion

  • Two times German Junior Champion

  • Three times German Vice Champion

  • Fifth placed in the Olympic Games of Barcelona

As a pro boxer

  • International German Champion 1996-1999

  • WBO Intercontinental Champion 1997

  • WBB World Champion 2001