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Coconut water at only 2,00€!

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Support Faruk Secer´s family!

We´d like to not only support Faruk Secer´s family, but also ease the financial burden that comes with transportation, flight ticketing and the...

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Get your stuff at MMA Spirit!

Any sportsman needs different equipment for different occasions – especially when they have the possibility to train as many different sports as they can at MMA Spirit- under one and the same roof.

This has been the reason for us to create a shop in our lounge area to make sure our members and any athlete is able to get everything they need for their personal training. You can get boxing gloves, hand wraps, shinguards but also our very own MMA Spirit fashion line, besides many other items.

We also try to make sure that our members get any supplement that is necessary to keep their training going and their body in shape to stay healthy and competitive. We offer you various proteins, creatine products and supplements that help you build a good condition and lower your body fat percentage.

Couldn´t find what you were looking for? No more worries, as you can now order any item at our newly found terminal - which makes things a lot easier. Place your order at our partner´s companies Olimp Germany for nutrition and Fightgear/-wear at United Fightwear.