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Martial Arts masterclass supreme!

Another highlight has occured at MMA Spirit as we´ve opened our doors for yet another masterclass held by the reigning GMC featherweight champion...

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< Toller Abend in der Lanxess Arena!

08.09.2019 17:48

Spectacular evening at Cologne´s Lanxess Arena!

The GMC return to Cologne´s Lanxess Arena would be a successful one in every regard, although Team Spirit started the evening...

...with a razor thin decision loss as our pro debutant Katharina Dalisda was on the wrong end of one. It was a close call, but Katharina seemed to have done enough as she landed the better strikes in the second and especially third round as her opponent´s face showed huge swellings after the fight, with Katharina seemingly having only been a friendly sparring session.

Both main fights were successful for MMA Spirit as Mad Max Coca totally outperformed his counterpart before landing vicious knees, taking his opponent down, while advancing to back mount, from where he would apply the fight ending rear naked choke at the very end of the first round!

The main fight was Aleksandr Vertko´s debut for MMA Spirit as he took on the tough Anatolij Baal in a fight for the ages. Aleks reigned supreme though and took home a unanimous decision win to put himself in pole position for bigger tasks in the not too distant future! We leave it like that as you should definitely (re-)watch the fights on and get your tickets for the upcoming battles in Stuttgart, Los Angeles, Bochum, Hamburg and Oberhausen. We´ll leave it like this with a huge shout-out to the travelling MMA Spirit army- you´re simply the best!