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Saba Bolaghi crowns himself GMC fw champion!

Our wrestling coach did it again and has now captured his second GMC belt and is the third reigning MMA Spirit GMC champion!

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< 3 Siege und 1 Unentschieden für Team Spirit!

30.06.2019 19:51

3 wins and 1 draw for Team MMA Spirit!

Another huge week draws to an end with 3 big wins and a draw...

Our multiple MMA champ Ivan Buchinger would be the first to enter the cage on Thursday, where he would fight in Prague for the newly found Prague Fight Night. His experienced opponent would stand no chance though as he shot for a double leg in the very first round only to be caught with a tight choke that left him with no other choice than to tapout and hand Ivan his fourth win in a row!

Three more fighters would be heading to Berlin for GMC 20 and it was Saba who opened the "scoring" for us after having been out of competition for more than a year. He´d control his opponent with solid grappling and a spectacular throw in the third round that would leave the result in no doubt!

Next in line was our GMC light heavyweight champion Stephan Pütz, who had to fight more with his own right knee than his opponent as he lost stability quite early on, but his heart and determination showed him yet another way to keep his belt and stay victorious with a third round tko finish via ground and pound!

The main event between Mad Max Coga and Damien Lapilus was overshadowed with the latter not being able to make weight and hitting Max with two eye pokes- the first coming in the first round and taking away Max´s left eye vision. It was still a good fight, but when Max tried a guillotine choke in the third round, it was Lapilus again who poked Max´s eye in order to escape, while a point was being deducted. A win should´ve been on the cards- especially with the point deduction, but the judges decided otherwise and scored the fight a draw, much to our and the fans´s disappointment...

We would still like to take chance to thank our travelling army for yet another great evening full of support- you´re simply the best!