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Daniel´s next fight is on!

Team MMA Spirit will once again travel westwards in order to support Daniel Weichel in his quarterfinal Bellator bout!

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01.09.2019 | Details!

The following article is presented with all information about the schedule for our ninth anniversary to be held on Sunday, September 1st kicking things off at 11.00am

Anyone who has experienced our birthday parties first hand knows that they are all about fun, getting to know the spirit and a delicious get together, which makes it the perfect occasion for an open door event, that will kick off at 11.00am. We will start our trial classes right away as you can find all info about the timing, instructors and rooms in the chart below:

Our infamous and free of charge barbecue, together with desert and mineral drinks will be open at 1.00pm. But we like to spoil our guests not just on the day as every visitor will be allowed to participate in our raffle, which will see us play out prizes with a total worth of way more than 4,000,00€! The main prize- a 6 months membership including drinking flatrate- will be handed out on Wednesday, September 11th to the best Instagram story about the anniversary itself. The story can have a maximum of 30 seconds length and can be shared until September 10th, which enables you to cut it the way you want. The MMA Spirit account needs to be linked, so we can share the story. Please make sure to not include music tracks that keep us from sharing your story.

This is what you can win besides creating the best video:



All good things come in threes though and we will not hide the fact that the day will hold many special offers for you, which will be released just a couple of days before the festivities on Sunday, September 1st. So stay tuned and check the motto for our party right here: "Nine years MMA Spirit"