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Coconut water lemon joghurt protein shake only 3,00€!

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Daniel´s next fight is on!

Team MMA Spirit will once again travel westwards in order to support Daniel Weichel in his quarterfinal Bellator bout!

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German Unification Day!

Another holiday lies right in front of us, but you will be able to train at MMA Spirit :)Read more »


Daniel enters quarterfinals of Grand Prix!

It has been another weekend full of fights to give us an idea of the upcoming weeks and weekends to come!Read more »


MMA Spirit kickboxing in Ludwigshafen!

Four MMA Spirit athletes entered the ring in order to showcase their kickboxing skills last night!Read more »


Grappling newcomer with great performance!

It was yet another beautiful Sunday, September 15th for our grappling aces as team Spirit headed to the DGL youth´s/kids´s championships.Read more »


Max Heine vs. Flying Uwe!

Newcomer Max Heine joins GMC middleweight champion Christian Eckerlin onto the GMC 23 fightcard in Oberhausen.Read more »